What Is PRP

Vacuum Filled, Special material & Internally Coated Glass Tube

  • Prevent platelets from “sticking” to tube walls.
  • Precisely draw blood jobitel.com at a pressure that prevents lysing of the cells.
  • Special materials and surface process Co.60 irradiation the tube color is not changed  it is clean & transparent.

Anti-Coagulant (ACD-A)

  • Reduce acidity while preventing coagulation of platelets.
  • Deliver non-activated platelets physically positioned on top of gel.

Patented Separator Gel

  • The gel R&D by our technicist , no gel dissolved in blood, after centrifuged, no gel vestigital on the tube wall.
  • Spare the 87% of platelets above Remove http://xjobs.org/ 97.5% of RBC below Remove89% of WBCS&granulocyte.

Simple, Safe & Efficient

PRP Preparation



  • The above are clinical statistics for reference.
  • Temperature during processing is crucial to prevent platelet activation. recommends 21°C-24°C for centrifugation of blood for obtaining PRP
  • 1600RCF. “g”‘ ( RCF) is the actual force exerted on the contents of the spinning rotor, Revolutions perminute(rpm) is calculated using the following equation
    g = (1.118×10-5) RS2 Where “g” is the “RCP’, “R” is the radius of the rotor (from centre of rotor to sample) in centimetres, “S” is the speed of the centrifuge in revolutions per minute ( rpm)
  • It is important to remember that calculation of RCF is dependent on the radius of the centrifuge rotor used. The same centrifuge machine with different rotors can produce different acceleration forces.


  1. Lead to free radical formation1,2
  2. Inflammation1,2
  3. Vascular injury1,2
  4. Cell death (apoptosis)1,2
  5. May lead to Hemosiderin staining from iron oxide (rust). This is a permanent bruise.


  1. Release matrix metalloproteinases and produce oxygen3radicals
  2. Tissue damag
  3. Inflammation
  4. Impaired healing
  5. Local pains

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PRP Features

Higher Concentration

  • RAI PRP TUB is Manufactured in order to provide you the safe and effective results featured with a re-suspension mechanism in order to achieve the homogenization of platelets in the plasma milieu. Due to correct centrifugation ratio intended by the manufacturer, the concentration of platelets can go up to 1.7 million/microliter.
  • RAI PRP KIT contains a large number of growth factors, such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), transforming growth factor beta (TGF – beta), insulin-like growth factor (IGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

High Quality

  • You just feel the quality when you see the RAI PRP Kit. This product is prepared and equipped by every detail and manufactured for your safe and effective usage and certified by domestic and international quality certifications. CE registered ,ISO 13485.


  • FOR USERS & BENEFICIARIES RAI DERMA CE-Marked Class IIb Medical Devices are sterile in the fluid path and pyrogen free, thus reducing the risk of contamination. Furthermore, all RAI PRP kit components have been tested for biocompatibility, according to ISO 10993 standards. In order to ensure safety of use, the RAI PRP kits are manufactured with double sterile blister packaging and have been designed to be ready for use, without preparation.

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